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The new Instant Brochure – Q&As

New features:

How has the Instant brochure changed?

1. You’ll now have your own bespoke link to the Instant Brochure through the Avon On app
2. Your customers can now checkout (i.e. pay for their own order) straight from the brochure, and have their order delivered directly to them
3. You will earn commission for any order through your bespoke Instant Brochure link.

How to find and share it:

How do I access my bespoke link?

You will be able to access your link through the Avon On app.

I don’t have the Avon On app, can I still access the Instant Brochure, share with my customers and still get commission?

The only way to use the new Instant Brochure is to download the Avon ON app. Download yours today at

You will still be able to access a version of the Instant Brochure through the Rep Hub but this is a different version. It does not have the ‘checkout’ facility and so if you share this version there will not be an option for the customer to checkout, pay and select direct delivery.

I don’t have a ‘My Avon Store’, will I still be able to share the bespoke link with my customers?

Yes! Your customers can now complete their orders and checkout using your bespoke Instant brochure link. Remember, this functionality is only available through the Instant Brochure link that you share through Avon On.

Will my Instant Brochure link change each campaign?

Yes. Each campaign there will be a new link available in Avon On to share directly with your customers..We are also making changes to the instant brochure more frequently than campaignly. We will be sure to let you know when each update is made.

What happens if a customer clicks on an old link from a previous brochure?

The old brochure link will work until back ordering for that brochure has finished. The link will then no longer open. The customer can shop from an old link but there may be some products that are not in the current campaign. If this is the case, the customer will get the message “Product with line number xxxxx Not Found.” Remember, if you are using a link from before the launch of the new Instant Brochure, it will not have the ‘checkout’ facility and so if you share an old version there will not be an option for the customer to checkout, pay and select direct delivery.

What’s the best way to share my Instant Brochure link?

There is lots of information, top tips and advice on the best way to share the Instant brochure with your customers available on the Leaning Hub. Head over to your Rep website today to find out more here.

The new version of the Instant Brochure and the old version:

What’s the difference between using the Instant Brochure link through Avon On and (or anywhere else)?

Only links shared from Avon On will have the facility for your customers to checkout, pay and select direct delivery within the digital brochure.

If you share a digital brochure from anywhere other than from Avon On, the customer will only have the option to return the order to you and you will have to order for them.

Can I still use and share the Instant Brochure from the Rep Hub as usual?

Yes but there will not be an option for the customer to checkout, pay and select direct delivery. You will have to place and deliver their order on their behalf.

Seeing my orders and getting paid:

How will I see the commission for orders placed through the Instant Brochure?

You will see the commission come through to your account on your Rep Website in the same way as you would a My Avon Store order. (We are contacting those Reps who have commission owed from their My Avon Store and arranging to transfer the money into their bank accounts).

If you don’t have a My Avon Store, you will see it as a credit on your Rep Website. We would encourage you to open a My Avon Store.

How will I know if a customer has placed a direct delivery order using my Instant Brochure link?

You will receive a notification in the same way as you do when you receive a My Avon Store order.

Will the notification tell me if the order was an Instant Brochure or a My Avon Store order?

No. At this time we are unable to show this information. However the team is busy working on this development. We will let you know when this is available.


Will customers still be able to choose to have their orders sent directly to their Rep?

Yes. If a customer chooses to send their order to you, you will receive the order in the same way as you usually do. However, during this time, we would recommend that you encourage your customers to opt for direct delivery given the social distancing guidelines advised by the UK government.

Can I switch off the option for customers to send their orders to me so they can only have their orders directly delivered?

No, but we are working on this and are looking at options to do this in the future.

Pricing and products:

Will the pricing be different on My Avon Store and the Instant Brochure?

No. We have made sure that products in the Instant Brochure are the same as those on your My Avon Store.

The promotional offer isn’t showing when my customers add products to their basket.

All promotional prices will be shown when a customer goes to the checkout.

What happens if a product is out of stock?

When the customer adds a product to their basket and it is not available, they will see a pop up message to say ‘product with line number 00000 not found’. Customers can try again the next day or find an alternative.


Will customers still get a free brochure in their orders from the Instant Brochure?

Yes. As with orders through My Avon Store, a free brochure is currently being included in every order.

I’m a Sales Leader and want to support my teams to use the new Instant Brochure, is there a report that shows me who is/isn’t using it so I know who to contact?

The teams are working on a report to show you this information and we will let you know when this is ready for you to access.

Some of my customers are not confident in online shopping, but still want to have the order delivered directly to their home?

The Instant Brochure is very easy for your customers to use so they should have no problems with being able to place an order. There is training material available on the Learning Hub which shows you how to input orders on a customer’s behalf if you need to. Check out the ‘how to’ video here.

Also, your customers do not have to use the new version of the Instant Brochure. They can let you know what they would like to order, either by using an old catalogue, or flicking through the instant brochure, and you can order on their behalf.

If you need any further help please speak to your upline or Business Development Manager who will be able to advise the best ways to get your customer orders placed and delivered directly to them.


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